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Taekwondo/ Kickboxing

At Kimoo Martial Arts we created a class that is a hybrid of two great fighting styles: Taekwondo and Kickboxing. So different yet they form a perfect match that allows one to improve in so many ways while working out.

Benefits of learning Taekwondo are agility, flexibility, and self-discipline boost. The benefit of cardio-kickboxing is an awesome cardio workout that will make you sweat, burn fat and greatly increase your endurance. Add learning fighting techniques to all that, and you will understand why these two styles really go together to make an ultimate exercise.

We welcome both adults and kids (7 years+) to join our Taekwondo/Kickboxing classes.


Hapkido is Korea's most complete and street effective martial art. Founded by Yong Sool Choi, it is a modern synthesis of older style Korean kicking, striking and weapons systems, and the grappling and joint locking techniques. Using the efficient application of leverage, timing, circular movement, and pain instead of physical strength, Hapkido is most easily recognized by its fluid, circular motions and close-contact techniques such as joint locks, grappling, and throws. At Kimoo Martial Arts Hapkido is taught under the guidance of master Charles Hwang who learned it from its founder, and currently holds an 8th degree black belt for high achievements in this style.

Hapkido techniques are highly effective when exercised both by men and women even against opponents larger than themselves. In fact, these techniques are so effective for self-defense that they are often used to train security forces. Unlike many other oriental martial arts, Hapkido does not include forms (also known as poomse or katas) as a part of its training, so you will learn it by practicing with partners, that will allow you to get hands-on experience and familiarize yourself with various attack and defence moves.

If you want to learn efficient self-defence techniques, increase your confidence, boost your agility, or just work out in a way that is beneficial in so many ways Kimoo Martial Arts Hapkido class is definitely for you!


At Kimoo Martial Arts we emphasise not only fighting techniques, agility, and physical strength, but also human internal energy cultivation, which was traditionally considered an essential part of many oriental martial arts.

Ki Moo Do (Energy Control) is an art of meditative breathing, which energizes both your body and your mind. It was developed by master Charles Hwang after many years of his experience with eastern self-healing styles like Tai-Chi and Yoga, various martial arts, and acupuncture. Improved focus and concentration, higher stress resistance, and increased body strength are just few of many benefits that you will experience practicing Ki Moo Do.

If you want to learn a style beyond just fighting technique, to uncover your true potential, and to become a happier and healthier person join us today!